Conceptual Performance Artist
Conceptual Performance Artist


Premier / Première : 2007 – Duration / durée : 21 min / Concept, Direction & Choreography / Conception, mise en scéne & chorégraphie : Mehdi Farajpour -
 Video & sound technicien / Téchnicien son & lumière :Masoud Mardan -
 Photos : Tommi Taipale – Narration : Varesh Darvish – Graphic / Graphisme : Makan Koochaki – Produced by / Produit par ORIANTHEATRE Company.


International Festival Time for Theatre, Poland 2008 / Nottle Theatre Company, South Korea 2008 / 1st International Butoh Festival Tampere, Finland 2009
/ 1st Stockholm Fringe Festival “STOFF”, (Supported by French institute) Sweden 2010 / 3rd International Barcelona Butoh Festival 2010 / Teatteri Naamio ja Höyhen, Helsinki, Finland 2011
/ 14th International Festival Traverse-vidéo, Toulouse, France 2011
/ 1st International Butoh Festival “Buto sans frontières”, Paris 2011 / Mairie de Xe, Paris, 2011 / 14th International Performance Art festival ‘ Interacje’, Poland 2011 / 5th International Festival of Performance Art, Marseille, France 2011 / Art against Art (Sporting club), Valencia, Spain, 2011 / Night of Performers program, Sczczin, Poland 2012 / International week for Plastic Arts, Minks, Belarus, 2013 / Kalisz national gallery, Poland 2016.



CONFESSION is a visual & physical speech given by a woman (performed by a man), who is apparently from the Middle East. She speaks about the facts of immigration and the violence, that can be hidden either under religious rules or social ones.
 She symbolically speaks about SOMEONE whose name is not Gulliver! But she/he was forced to travel. She feel a strange sympathy with Gulliver.
 However her question: what can be in common between the Gulliver’s life who is coming from a fantasy world and a Middle Eastern woman who is suffering from realities of the 21st century.
The short solo performance by Mehdi FARAJPOUR will slowly show what unifies these two worlds.



“CONFESSION” est à la fois une manifestation de compassion et de rebellion. Compassion envers les femmes victimes de lois mises en place par les hommes, rebellion à l’encontre de toute forme de violence cautionnée par les idéologies religieuses, politiques et les codes sociaux.

CONFESSION est un solo basé sur la destinée d’une personne qui, a priori, n’est pas Gulliver ! Cependant, l’existence de cette personne a bien des choses en commun avec les aventures de ce dernier. La question est : que peut-il y avoir de commun entre Gulliver, issu d’un monde fantastique, et ces femmes du Moyen-Orient qui subissent la réalité de leur condition ? Ce court solo va peu à peu mettre en évidence ce qui les relient.


A note by a Finish journalist

The performance I witnessed gave me a lot of inspiration, for my work as a journalist as well. The theme of Confession is important, it is a reality of so many people in different places, in various agonising ways. It is not only visual or in other ways artistic satisfaction that one can experience when in the audience, but it is a healing experience when these emotions are brought up. Fear, frustration and angst when making up one´s mind whether to leave one’s country/home is a true experience of, not only many people living under oppressive governments or in war situations, but also of many who are going through these states because of economic or climatic situations/conditions. What is outstanding is the spirit, reason or intention in which this artistic work is done. I very much like Farajpour´s way. I trust it to be true. I feel it is his genuine intention to express the reality in a naked, uncompromising way. The audience deserves a well thought out result which is choreography of the subject in question. This thinking process must have taken place in the mind and body of the performer before going on the stage. This I believe Farajpour has done and the result is mature art with intensive presence. (Johanna Sarjas – August 2009)